Effective Electronic ID Verification

ID document verification online is a sensitive issue. As such, you should seek effective and safe ways to do so. Not only is it efficient but it can also help you get more legitimate clients securely and quickly. Using modern technology such as automated verification and intuitive video capture is helpful. 

Quality ID document authentication also ensures that your catch expires, forged, or stolen IDs before fraudsters use them maliciously. For business owners who have clients all over the world, electronic IDs have made a positive impact on customer verification.

How Electronic Identification (eID) Works

This is a digital solution that proves the identity of organizations or citizens, this verification method can be used by companies, organizations, or banks for transactions. The system uses online authentication and login details as well as signing electronic documents using a digital signature.

The Electronic Identification Card

A common type of eID is known as an electronic identification card or eIC. It is a physical ID card that has offline and online capabilities for personal authentication. It is a form of a smart card in ID-1 design like a bank card. On its surface are your identity information like your photograph and other personal details. 

Additionally, it has an embedded RFID chip with the same information as the one found in biometric passports. Such information includes your date of birth, name, and photograph. For biometric purposes, several photographs may be stored in it showing different angles and facial expressions. This allows biometric systems to definitively analyze the structure and proportions of your face for authentication. Your fingerprints may also be included.

The electronic identification card can authenticate your details in e-government applications, voter identification, or when traveling. A private company may also provide an electronic signature embedded in the RFID chip.

Benefits of Electronic Identification

There are many benefits of using eID including:

  • Top-Level Security – eID provides high-quality security for your documents. This makes it almost impossible to forge or tamper with. The personal data is well guarded and makes it easier for age verification, crossing borders, and accessing government services, among others.
  • Convenience – It provides a good citizen experience by offering a seamless solution for basic applications and services. These include e-visa, e-signature, e-government, to name a few.
  • Better than Passwords – you can easily forget your username and password or get hacked. eID eliminates this possibility since there are no weak passwords that can jeopardize your data.

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